The flower festival takes places annually in one of the villages were the Damascene flower is grown. The Damascene flower is a rare flower that is grown in very few villages across the country, and the festival is aimed at bringing awareness to that. This year’s festival has more importance, as Syria Trust is aiming at submitting a request to the UNISCO to include this flower as part of the Syrian heritage. Therefore, a clear, comprehensive and permanent visual identity is needed for the festival.

Come up with a comprehensive and permanent visual identity for the festival.
The design to include in one way or another a representation of the rose.
Stick to the colour scheme of the actual rose (shades of pink, with green)

The audience is divided into four groups:
• UNISCO Committee: the committee who will be judging the submission of the request. They will be reviewing all files and documentation of the efforts made to sustain and document this Syrian heritage. Therefore, the visual identity needs to be professional.

• The local community: The festival is taking place in a village near Damascus. The citizens of the village are the direct benefactors from the festival and usually have a say in the choices of the logo.

• Medical companies: the rose has a lot of uses in beauty and body care products. They will be invited to visit the festival and be informed about it.

• The public: educate and inform the public about this Syrian heritage, and its benefits, and general information about it.

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